Dear Women

Dear Women,
Can we just drop the rants for gender equality…
I think we should be more concerned with empowerment.
I believe the key to freedom for women lies first in women becoming free.
No man holds your freedom..
Look, you can’t be a liability and be talking about gender equality…
What are you doing for yourself??
What are you doing for those around??
What are doing for that man who will come along soon???
Gender equality lies in ‘freeing’ yourselves from the lies that you need a man to pay your bills.
Being financially free is ‘freeing’.
It’s not only the vagina you should use…you can use your head, hands and legs to birth things you want.
It’s not only bum-bum you should twerk.. you can twerk that brain for a great business idea…
Those hands can make wonders. ..
Gender equality comes naturally with you, ‘freeing’ yourself…NO MAN WILL OR CAN DO THAT.

Veralyn Chinenye

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