Are we not in a wonderful world? For years that my unseasoned brain can’t give a date to, so many persons have been hindered of their human right because of JAMB. Now, like what preachers would say “right at the verge of your break through something else happens or you give up” is what has just happened to jambites who have suffered lots of 179,199, 189, 169 etc.
It is longer news that jamb has reduce its cut-off mark from 180-120 for universities and 100 for polytechnics and college of education and its not surprising too that Asuu is on strike(indefinite).
The question now is, how are we suppose to balance the two? jamb has made it very easy for us to get into the universities and attains proper education, but how do we  accomplish this when Asuu is on strike, an indefinite one for that matter?
The most frustrating part of the strike is, it has hindered more ten thousand final year students who were about to get done with university teachings and get on with their life, like go job creating since there “no jobs again to hunt”
In all this just one arm can come to our aid, THE GOVERNMENT, I don’t buy the idea of lecturers working without pay, the time has come where teachers and lecturers are to be treated with much respect, after all its because of them I can think of penning down anything or you reading and comprehending whatever you do.
Government please settle our lecturers so Jamb and Asuu can give us a better education even if there are no jobs kept for us after school, at least we can use the knowledge to create jobs for the betterment of the society.
Though most government officials have their kids schooling  abroad, that doesn’t permit them not pay attention to the educational system here, because if the government should  fund schools over here in the manner those countries do, our universities will be on the same page with theirs. So government help Asuu to help Jamb to help us.

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