See youself the right way

See youself the right way

Sometimes, our problem in life is not caused by external forces or challenges like some of us may believe. Majority of our problems in life are caused by how we see ourselves.

Oftentimes, we feel we are not good enough, talented enough, Christian enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, favoured enough, old enough,or too old  to do or be what we can be. 

The bad news is, even if these things  are not true, they will manifest in all areas of our lives because we keep telling ourselves so. 

And until we begin to see ourselves as God sees us,  which is the right way, things won’t change in our lives.

  Joel Osteen says “See youself the right way” 

Wake everyday this new month and tell yourself, you are beautiful enough, you matter,  you are smart enough,  you  are loved,  you are favoured, you are victorious, you are going to be who God wants us to be, you are not inferior, you will succeed, coronavirus and what’s happening in the world can only delay but can’t stop you.

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