They say blood is thicker than water,
i say betrayal shared my surname
but friendship gave me shelter.
so tell me which is better,
choose wisely.

how to eat in my country;
be a friend of the regime.
soak your linen in blood
it’s the only way they recognize you.

parents found it hard
to say “I love you”
so they employed clothes and
fees as stunt doubles.

mom left without prior notice,
now I rent mothers to feel a sense of ownership.
on good days it heals me,
on bad days it hits like Tsunami.

all my past lovers say my love is faded ink.
I know not what is wrong with me,
It seems love is a festival of lights
I’m too dark to comprehend
so to every face that asks for a hand
I give heartbreak as  souvenir.
I’m sorry it always ends in tears.

I give out as much as laughter as I can
and in my drought God reimburses me.

If I am black
does that make my skin the color of mourning?

there’s no parachute
to land you safe from a heartbreak.
you slowly learn to burn;
resurrect from the wreck
dust off the fumes
“take up your bed and walk.”


Ofem Ubi makes short films, a Documentary photographer and a poet.

Image:Ofem Ubi

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