Explains what the article is aboutA cheerful heart is good medicine; be Cheerful

A cheerful heart is good medicine; be Cheerful

With everything going on in the world now, it is normal for us to feel sad, as we tend to worry about our families, businesses, career’s, economic, e.t.c.

Yes! Covid19 is ruining our lives and  backup with the problems we might be facing especially in our families can be devastating. So, we are left with worry, sadness, depression, angry and everything bad to throw on others and on ourselves.
But, all this bad energy’s won’t help, it can only make matters worst and give us some really bad ailments.

Beloved Child of God, My pastor – Rev. Dominic Offiong, said i should tell this

take note that the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the PAST, to WORRY about the FUTURE, but to live the PRESENT moment wisely and earnestly.”

So be cheerful,  you being cheerful means you trust God.
When things that are supposed to make you worry, sad and depressed come, think of God instead.
Tell God, ” Father take care of this worry of mine, let your will be done” then get cheerful!
You may never know that worrying less, trusting God  more and being cheerful is the solution to that sickness, pains, and trotruining  maybe feeling and facing.

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God Bless you

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