Meet D-RAY: The Fabricator by Day poet by Night

   Hello everyone, I hope you all are staying safe and positive! To brighten up your day and give you something exciting to ponder on, here is someone you can learn from and also get your fantasy furniture’s into reality; today on “What Creativity Really Is” we will meet an Artista, a multi-talented Fabricator, Poet and SpokenWord Aritst, D-ray Itima..

D-ray is not just the everyday kind of person. During my series of interviews with him I learnt a lot not just about his abilities to turn scraps, woods, junks and what have you into amazing pieces of art. I also learnt how to make things and sell my creative works as a person (which I know is a challenge to most creative).
How did he all start??

The first day I started my interview, I was amazed by what I saw in his studio and also by his working culture, and when asked how long he learnt the act of sculpting,

“For starters,” he said “I preferred to be called a Fabricator instead of just a Sculptor.” This, according to him is because he can fabricate or create almost anything that his eyes can see, or conceive in his mind. He prides himself in birthing fantasy; this was noted by me!
When asked how he started, he replied, “Well, everything I know how to do today was out of curiosity”

According to him, “I was curious on how woods, irons and other things were put together so I started observing and trying out things”.
Isn’t it wonderful?

He went ahead to tell me I am against the adage,Curiosity kills the cat’, in fact, this adage is the reason lots of things are yet to be discovered and lots of problems are left unsolved in Africa and the world at large, because instead of the society to encourage people to satisfy their curiosity, the society instead kills their curiosity with the adage above”.

Awards made by D-Ray

So please parents, guardians, teachers, lecturers and preachers, encourage your children, wards student, and members to get more curious and be inspired.


What was the first piece of art you ever put together?

My first piece of art was a landscape poster color painting I made for my secondary school crush on a Valentine’s day. My crush was so impressed by it, saying it was the best gift she had received that day and that boosted my confidence and made me try more things.”

This is what I got from that: Always appreciate what someone does and gives to you, trust me it goes a long way! Imagine D-ray’s crush never appreciated his gift, he may never had tried news things, so always appreciate people!

His next two works were something he did to prove that there’s always a better way to doing things; put the better, creativity cannot and shouldn’t be boxed into a stereotype pattern, but given freedom to explore possibilities. So his second piece was a ” Drop A Note” Sign which was aimed at ridiculing an existing design, and later on he proceeded to fabricating an 18inches height bicycle, which in his words “I dare say my bicycle, palmwine tappers series, is the best there is”.

Regarding these two pieces, D-ray told me, “The problem most of us have is, we complain too much about other people’s work and say what we don’t like about it. But the best way we can show we don’t like something or to prove what is done is wrong is to do it the right and proper way!” This is a rule that has and is still guiding D-ray!

After this two successful attempts, D-ray got more zealous, he improved himself in all possible ways using all means available to him, from watching videos online, to trying out things, he got perfect by the day. Before he knew it, he had made lots of beautiful pieces of art but there was a problem; he wasn’t making money out of it. And why is that?

“My customers where not willing to spend much money on just a beautiful piece of art, I had lots of persons wanting to buy my works but the price drove them away because according to them, it will be of no use apart from just being hung on the wall for aesthetics.”
How did you remedy this?

“I had to make my works functional”, he said, “I decided to start making beautiful functional piece of art, so my customers will no longer ask why should I waste my money on just a beautiful piece but will see that the value of their money was put to good use.” According to him, ever since he started doing this, life has been good.

So, if you patronise Objectdedesire, you won’t just get a chair, or a book shelf, a bed or an award, you will get an amazingly beautiful looking chair, shelf and what ever you want that will gladden your heart, that of your families and visitors. And God bless you, you are a person of culture and heritage, you will have all your furniture’s and even your house to reflect what you hold dear.

These are the services D-ray can render to you:
1) Anything regarding craft and furniture.
2) He can birth your fantasy, by creating any design you’ve imagined or seen online.
3) Any form of weilding piece, and fabrication.

What and how much will it cost someone to learn from you?
“Well, uhmmmn…To this ends, it depends on the individual and certainly, the most important pay is the person’s zeal”.

D-ray, what are the challenges you have faced in the course of work, how did they help you grow, how did you manage it?
“Hmmmmn… quiet a lot, and I don’t know how to catalogue them. But like most creatives, my dad was never a part of the hustle, and despised what I was diving into. For instance, in 2008, I got an admission to study Visual Art in the university, but dad said it was over his dead body, as no child of his would study carpentry in school (that was his myopic view of art); I got to oblige after all efforts to change his mind , but today he’s a fan too”.

If you are an artist reading this, you should know one thing, D-ray had challenges and still have challenges.

This is D-ray, the fabricator.

Can we please know a little about D-ray, the poet and spoken word artist?
Well, like my artworks, my poetry reflects my believe in that, I do pride myself as an enemy to the norms, as such, I decide on being a Pidgin Spokenword Poet, which have been awesome thus far and I’m inspired by intimidation, pains and injustice.”

Tell us what kind of events you perform in?

“Basically, any event worth the pay, as long as it’s not a dirty or erotic piece that’s required of me, because most of my poems are conscious pieces for mindset reforms.”

Do us a favour D-ray, please give a little advice to all the artist out there.
Embrace mistakes and go all out to make more mistakes for therein lies the key to creating wonders”.
Thanks so much. “My pleasure”.

Other works by D- Ray

You can contact D-ray via,
Phone number: 07039121801
WhatsApp: 07039121801
And other social media handles:
@objectdedesire (for art works), and
Itzofficial_dray (for Spokenword).

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